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"TheCounterHack Solution For LOW FPS "  

Posted by Hitesh

 hey guys, iw read a good topic on steam forums and i figured id post it here as well. theres 2 settings that made me get standard 95-100 FPS in game while i had 30-40 FPS b4. 

ayways do this as it says here . 

- Set the proper -heapsize for your amount of memory 
This command determines how much memory (RAM) is allocated strictly for hl2.exe. The general agreement is that this number should reflect how much memory is installed in your system. Here is the equation: 

Your System Memory (In Megabytes) / 2 * 1024 = Your Heapsize 

512MB / 2 * 1024 = -heapsize 262144 
1024MB / 2 * 1024 = -heapsize 524288 
2048MB / 2 * 1024 = -heapsize 1048576 

Applying this setting will stabilize your game performance greatly - with no reduction in visual quality. Textures are better handled by the game, and the game has an increased ability to cache resources. 

To do this, simply launch Steam/hl, go to MY GAMES, and  

Right click on Counter Strike Source, and click Properties. 
Click Set Launch Options, and type -heapsize  
I have 1 gig of ram, so I set -heapsize 524288 

You can do the same thing to your other Games, like Half-Life 2. 

the 2nd settings u need to do and which helps allot is 

Set STEAM.EXE/hl.exe affinity 

Open Steam. Open Windows Task Manager by pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and go to the Processes tab. Right click on STEAM.EXE/hl.exe, and click SET AFFINITY. You will see CPU 0 and CPU 1. Uncheck CPU 1. Click OK, and close Task Manager. 

Unfortunately you have to do this whenever you restart Steam/hl.exe, but it's worth it if it fixes your problems! 

*Please note that this Affinity fix will only work on multi-core processors (Like AMD X2 or Pentium 4 8xx series for example), or Pentium 4 processors with Hyper Threading Technology.  

If you don't have an Affinity option, then you're out of luck on this fix 

NOTE: u need to set this every time u restart steam! there is a way to set it and it stays like that but i dunno how :( 

hope this helped u guys as well, and thanks to the guy that figured this out :D 



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Posted by Hitesh

starting hacking ? abcd of hacking................
to start hacking u must know first :-

01) your hardware ( includes everything , assembling pc , knowing motherboard each & every part , basics abt lan , router,modem & their working , etc.......

then explore your pc by inside :-

02) ie. knowing different types of software ( every category like SECURITY SOFTWARE , DEVELOPER TOOLS ( like adobe dreamweaver ,site spinner ,cofeecup html editor etc) , Utilities & Drivers ( like system mechanic , registory editor ) , Networking Software ( ping tracer , scanner etc) , Chat, VoIP & E-mail Software e.t.c

03) if using win xp operating sys. then first of fall learn,understand xp , explore secret tips , and many more u can get everything about xp here:-

04) Learn DOS prompt ( each and every command for a perfect hacker ) { v.imp step to start hacking} Learn how to make a few batch files.

here u can get list of dos commands :-

05) read article on hacking , pc magazines , reading public forums on hacking , reading e-books on hacking , using google to hack ...........................

06) must have some knowledge about
HTML ,C++, visual basic .... (i'd recommend learning html as your first language )

07) understanding networking & security tools .............. Sep 6 (6 days ago) avi
08) knowing different tools of hacking & how to use them..............few tools like :-

Key Loggers
port scanner
ip scanner
fake id creator

network tracer




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Posted by Hitesh

As name suggests .. this blog is deadly combination of two deadly things HacKing & Gaming..

In gaming section i only wanted to talk about counter strike sometimes known as Half Life but i know it LIFE for CS gamers ...

I will talk a lot about counter strike names , teams , settings , strategies , maps , map creation and lot more just feel free to ask any query ... or ask BEST EVER strategies to win in any battle ... 




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Posted by Hitesh

ฬєℓCσмє тєCнภσ թєσթℓє нєяє เร тнє ภєฬ ภคмє σƒ тєCнภσℓσGY “н2K2” Yєร ƒяเєภ∂ร เƒ Yσυ คяє CяคZY єภσυGн тσ Gєт ∂เรรσℓ√є∂ เภ тєCнภσℓσGY คภ∂ թℓคY ฬเтн тнเร Gคмє σƒ яє√єяรє єภGเภєєяเภG

เ ฬเℓℓ нєℓթ Yσυ тσ ฬเภ เт ƒσя รυяє




нαck τнε нαckεг kгαck τнε kгαckεг

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